Why You Should Select Composite Shingles for Your Tiny House

The current trend of tiny house construction has contractors trying to build rooves with no knowledge of which materials will work best. So we’ve listed some reasons why composite roofing is a great option for tiny houses of all styles.

It Doesn’t Weigh Much – Composite shingles are the progression of asphalt shingle technology, allowing them to be a lightweight choice. Staying within a specific weight range is important for tiny houses built in locations where there are towing equipment registration requirements. Visually pleasing materials such as wood or slate are quite heavy and necessitate the building of a stronger roof deck before one can attach it to the roof. Composite roofing is easier to carry to the roof because of how lightweight it is, which is helpful for first-time roofers.

They’ll Last a Long Time – Composite shingles can last for up to five decades. Some roofing material warranties last longer than that and require that the materials be installed by a professional and/or used on a stationary home, so it’s important to review the warranty for the material you choose before you get ready to install it. Aside from that, a long-term warranty is an indication that there should be no issue with those materials if they are maintained over time. An additional benefit of such a long lifespan is that these shingles won’t be thrown out, making them an eco-friendly option as well.

You Can Use Recycled Material – Another thing that makes composite shingles eco-friendly is that they’re created from recycled material. While certain shingles are made from partially recycled materials, other shingles are made up of up to 95% recycled and/or reclaimed material. Keep in mind that while these shingles are a great green option they can be pricy, so select the shingles that work for your budget.

It’s Wind Resistant – Wind resistance is particularly important if your tiny house is or will be in a windy area. Experts suggest that mobile tiny houses should have shingles installed with a rating indicating they can withstand 130 mile-per-hour winds. This rating is suggested for mobile tiny homes because of the “wind tunnel effect” that can and does occur when these homes move down a highway at high speeds alongside bigger vehicles. Review the manufacturer’s guidelines and get a roofing inspection from a reputable roofing professional or company before making that first trip with your tiny home.

It’s Fire Resistant – Depending on where you travel with your tiny house (e.g. RV parks, wildfire-prone areas, etc.), it might be more likely to catch fire at some point. Composite shingles made from synthetic composite tile that imitates stone slab and wood shake tiles can provide the highest-possible fire-resistance rating. These fire-resistant shingles will let you travel through and into the most fire-prone places where hot sparks are possible and combustion risks exist.

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