Summer Roofing Problems

Summertime is a fun, relaxing season for most people. However, there are some disadvantages to this time of year when it comes to your roof. Be aware of the following roofing problems.

Heat & UV Rays – Your roof is exposed to a lot more sunlight and damaging UV rays in the summertime, which can ruin your roof. Sunrays can cause the gradual breakdown of your shingles. If you observe any dryness, cracking, or breaking, you’ll want to contact a roofing company nearby and have them examine your shingles. Not fixing shingles when they’re in this condition can result in them peeling off or falling off entirely, leaving your house unprotected in that area. No matter what time of year, though, you should always have professionals regularly inspect your roof. This helps maintain the quality of your roof, which helps it last longer.

Humidity – Plants and trees benefit greatly from humidity. Your roof, on the other hand, does not. Humidity can result in things like puckering and moisture damage on your roof, and it can cause moisture to build up (particularly in your attic) that can weaken your roof long term. If you think the humidity is damaging your roof, you should have roofing professionals look at it, as well as your roof ventilation to ensure it’s not a lack of ventilation causing the problem.

Wind and/or Rain – Summer isn’t all about the sunshine. Thunderstorms are more common during the summer, bringing wind and rain with them. Wind can lift the shingles off your roof partially or completely, allowing rain to seep in and cause ceiling leaks. Once a storm has passed through, go outside and inspect your roof. If you see shingles missing or on the ground around your home, you’ll want to contact a roofing company to take a closer look at your roof.

Moss & Algae Growth – It’s not unusual to see moss or algae on the roof or the sides of houses. However, beware when you see a lot of moss and/or algae growing on the roof; it can hold moisture underneath and result in rotten, ruined wood and other building materials. Roofing professionals can repair your roof wherever the moss or algae has grown and prevent more serious and costly damage from occurring.

If you think you’re having any of the issues above with your roof and want to look into doing a roof repair or roof replacement, contact Caldwell Roofing for an appointment. Call us at 561-609-1095 or use the contact form on our Contact page to submit your issues, questions, and/or concerns.