Signs Your Roofing Company is Inexperienced & Unknowledgeable

A lot of detail is involved with roofing, from the initial evaluation to the actual installation or repair. Good roofing contractors will have the specific qualifications and credentials necessary to get the job done right the first time. Contractors who lack some or all of these qualifications and credentials won’t be able to give you the best quality roof repair or replacement, which will cost you. Here are the most common issues to look out for when it comes to an improperly installed or repaired roof.

The Roofing Isn’t Even and/or Doesn’t Match Everywhere – There should be symmetry with your roof and evenness among the shingles and shakes after an installation or repair. Not to mention, the shingles and shakes should match in color, pattern, and texture. However, you can sometimes tell when these things are missing or inconsistent just by looking at your roof. This should never be the case.

Missing Underlayment – If your roof is leaking inside of your home, the underlayment has likely weakened and disintegrated in at least one place, if not more. The underlayment provides protection between your roof’s shingles and sheathing to let water out. This should not be happening with a newly repaired or replaced roof, as it means that the underlayment was installed improperly, or even worse, wasn’t installed at all.

The Drip Edges Aren’t There – Drip edges are flat metal pieces that are positioned between the shingles and underlayment alongside the roof edges and extending out above the gutter. The drip edges keep water from sitting on and seeping into your roof when it rains. If drip edges aren’t installed when it rains, water can get into the roof’s foundations and edges. This can result in stains, potential rot and mold, and the potential for leakage into the basement.

The Wrong Fasteners or Incorrectly Applied Fasteners – Using the wrong fasteners on your roof or applying them in the wrong places can result in a serious problem. Your roofing contractor needs to ensure that they are using the right type of nails for your roof and that they are spaced correctly as well. Otherwise, particular areas of the roof will fall apart within months. This is why there are policies courtesy of city and county building codes for fastening methods.

Black Stains All Over the Roof – If you see black stains on your roof, it means that water is leaking through it. The presence of these stains before the end of a roof lifetime means that the roof wasn’t installed properly. Many of the things previously mentioned, such as missing underlayment, missing drip edges, and damaged shingles can all result in black stains.

Missing Shingles – Missing shingles is a sign that roof replacement is necessary. However, if you just had a roof repair or replacement done and you’re missing shingles, it’s likely they weren’t fastened properly, or the wrong shingles were used.

Piping that is Improperly Installed – The ventilation pipe running between your attic and drainage cleanout must be the correct length to function accordingly. Otherwise, it can lower your home’s insulation quality. A damaged ventilation pipe can result in vapors and toxins being released into the air in your attic, with the possibility for gradual roof deck and ceiling damage as well as moisture getting into the floors.

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