How to Identify Less Obvious Roof Problems

Unlike leaks, missing shingles, and dark spots, there are roof problems you might not notice immediately. Here’s what to look for to prevent these issues from getting worse.

Your Chimney is Leaking – If you’ve seen moisture around the base of your chimney or fireplace, it could be because of damaged flashing. If the flashing is damaged because of inadequate roofing work or a storm, you’ll need to have it replaced correctly by a roofing professional.

Your Ceiling Is Sagging – Water damage is what usually causes a ceiling to sag. If you don’t see signs of water within the ceiling, it could likely be coming from the attic. Depending on the level of damage done, you might need to have professional repairs done and do a thorough cleaning of your attic space.

Your Shingles are Buckling – It might not be noticeable at first, but examine your shingles to see if they are buckling. This usually looks like your shingles are overlapping one another. Buckling is bad for your roofing structure, and too much buckling can result in the need for a total roof replacement.

Your Roof Has Termites – Are you starting to see what looks like a series of small wings along your windowsills and doors? These small wings are the first visible sign of termites. It’s highly likely that these termites might have started in the area between your roof shingles and insulation since this is often where termites nest. If the termites aren’t removed, they’ll begin to eat gradually through the wood in your roof, which ultimately leads to a total roof replacement. If you suspect termite damage, it’s important to hire a professional termite exterminator, but also a roofing professional to see if there are indeed termites in your roof and whether they did any roof damage.

Your Roof Has Become a Health Hazard – If you or other members of your household are beginning to experience skin problems, stuffiness within your nasal passages, headaches, breathing problems, or eye irritation, it might be because of exposure over time to mold on or in your roof. Have a roofing professional inspect your roof and do a proper roof cleaning if necessary.

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