Heavy Rain Prep and Flood Tips

It won’t be long before the Florida rainy season is underway, and local Boca Raton residents will have to deal with all of the problems and issues that come with the wet climate. You do not, however, have to endure the weather alone, and there are tricks and tips for water flow and drainage that can save you a big hassle and service bill down the road.

A nice place to start is looking around your home and/or business. Infrastructure is one thing to consider, but just with your eyes you can evaluate certain factors that can cause water problems outside of your home.

Begin with your gutters. Are they all connected, do they have slope, is there a gap between any parts and do the gutters flow into the ground and away from your building? Clean out your gutters at least twice a year and make sure you have proper flow away from the structure itself.

Another thing to consider around the outside of your home is your septic system. Make sure it is routinely pumped and serviced to avoid overflows and messy backups. If you have a drainage field, check with a plumbing expert concerning stream, distance, slope, and growth.

Inside of your home or business, start with looking at your equipment. Is your sub-pump working correctly? Is the hot water heater performing up to par? Do you hear any strange sounds that could be originating from pipe or drainage problems? Do your sinks or disposals drain slowly or not at all? How is your water pressure?

Keeping your house and the surrounding areas dry all starts with your roof. If your roof is compromised, it won’t be long before the entire house is damaged. If you have any roof issues, Visit our Contact page and fill out the online form, or call us at 561-475-2379. We’ll be sure to return your call if you can’t reach us and end up leaving a message instead.