5 Common Roofing Issues

If you own a home for a long enough time, eventually you’ll have a roofing problem. Your roof can be damaged by weather, animals, and just general wear and tear over time. Here are some of the most common roofing issues.

Roof leaks

With the amount of rain that Florida gets, most homeowners will experience roof leaks. They often happen under ruined shingles or near a chimney, gutters, vents, pipes, at skylights or flashing points, or in low valleys or spots. Leaks can get worse and cause even more damage to your home, so they need to be addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

Roof puddles

Water accumulation is another common issue, particularly for flat roofs. There is no way for the water to run off, so it accumulates. This can cause leaks and roof damage. Professionals can not only remove these small pools of water, but they can also create slopes in order to allow water to run off the roof.

Clogged gutters

Another standard roofing problem, clogged gutters will need immediate attention. Clogged or otherwise damaged gutters can cause water backup, which then leads to leaky eaves, which can cause rot. Routine gutter checks and gutter screens can prevent this type of damage.

Holes and punctures

Roof damage from wildlife is fairly common, but it can also be the result of contractors walking across your roof. If it happens often enough without being fixed, it can build up over time and leave the roofing with damaged wood underneath, as well as moisture that could cause the roof to rot.

Tree damage

High winds and dead tree limbs are the obvious culprits for tree damage. But even something as simple as branches rubbing the rooftop can result in scratches that wear down the first layer of roofing. Tree trimming can prevent daily damage, while completely removing certain trees can prevent any serious damage that would be caused if the tree fell on your home.

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