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Miramar Roofing Services

As a city located on South Florida’s east coast, Miramar can experience sudden and brutal thunderstorms usually accompanied by severe wind. If you feel the integrity of your roof has been compromised at all by one of these storms, you’ll need to call a Miramar Roofing Company you can trust. With over 25 years of roofing experience,  Caldwell Roofing can respond to emergency roof repairs or complete reroofing jobs.

Roof leaks discovered after storms can be quite tricky and an improper fix by a handyman can lead to larger repairs down the road.  When you hire Caldwell Roofing, you can be assured that you’re hiring professional roofing technicians that understand exactly what your roofing issue is.  Sometimes storm damage is a revealing sign of a much larger roof design flaw in your Miramar home and you’ll want a professional on the job that can see it through to completion.

Did a storm cause much larger damage?  Insurance claims can be quite confusing, especially when it comes to south Florida insurance coverage. All work must be done correctly and conform to the latest State Florida Building Codes, not to mention HOA regulations in gated Miramar Communities. Call Caldwell Roofing immediately so we can meet with the insurance adjuster and coordinate repairs on your behalf to make sure you’re getting everything that your home is entitled to.
Caldwell Roofing covers the following roofing services:

You’re welcome to come visit our office and see visual comparisons of our work with other roofing companies' work or call any time at 561-392-0971 for estimate, inquiry or to have questions answered.